Sting Operation on Jagdish Tytler discloses his brutal deeds

If you haven’t seen the Sting Operation news of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee, see it here –

In this sting operation, Ex-Member of Parliament of Congress, Jagdish Tytler has admitted to killing 100 Sikhs during the 1984 Anti Sikh Genocide. DSGMC has released a series of 5 video clips of Jagdish Tytler.

In clip number 3, Tytler has admitted that he has killed 100 Sikhs and nothing happened to him except a sham enquiry. This is Mr. Tytler’s confession to the crime he has committed during the 1984 Anti Sikh Genocide.


In clip 1, Tytler has expressed remorse for not being able to recover 150 crores cash from his friends… these words prima facie point to his undeclared black money and undisclosed transactions.

In Clip no 2 Tytler says – “High Command of Congress committed either we will give you Rajya Sabha seat or make you the CM of Delhi. The media is after my son, and is trying to expose him.”


Despite this clear proof, if no action is taken even now… this will be a big blot on the judicial system of our nation.

DSGMC will launch strong protests against Police and agencies if no action is taken against Tytler and if needed, the matter would be vehemently raised in Parliament also.

Clip 4 contains videos where Mr. Tytler boasts about being close with Judiciary and how he has got Justice Pathak and Mrs. Justice Pathak appointed to the Court. It is worth to be noticed that on 26.02.2010, Delhi High Court had granted bail to Sajjan Kumar and other accused in one of the matters related to 1984 Anti Sikh Genocide. The order of the Delhi High Court was under a huge question mark since the very beginning and the present sting operation has given impetus to the suspicion.

Surfacing of new video evidence in which Tytler himself has not only admitted killing of more than 100 Sikhs but has also made disclosures on his black money and judicial links has created an atmosphere in which arrest of Tytler is must. His lie detector test, Narco test and polygraph test should be carried out immediately.

Time has come when all guilty including Tytler and Sajjan Kumar should be hanged for carrying out Sikh genocide which has been the most heinous act of the world.

Why this exhibition on ‘Ban on Hookah Bars in Delhi’

I have dedicated this exhibition to the young man Gurpreet Singh who lost his life after a murderous attack on him when he had resisted smoking on public places.

It was a rainy day in Delhi; even the weather failed to dampen the spirit of hundred of people who came to Connaught Place today morning to see the exhibition and support ban on Hookah Bars in national capital.

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I have dedicated this exhibition to the young man Gurpreet Singh who lost his life after a murderous attack on him when he had resisted smoking on public places. I thank S. Manjit Singh GK for gracing the exhibition with his presence.

My motivation behind organizing this exhibition and raising my voice against Hookah bars is simple – these bars are a curse on  our society and are making the youth crime-prone leading them further towards drug addiction!

While interacting with the people, I was amazed that most of us do not even know that 1 session of Hookah smoking is equally dangerous as 100 cigarettes! No wonder, Hookah Bars are destroying the youth of national capital. I was forced to come out so loudly and emphatically against Hookah bars culture in Delhi because the Delhi government is in deep slumber and least bothered about the youth. This exhibition will spread the message of ill effects of smoking hookah and its main motive is to get enforced a complete ban on Hookah Bars in Delhi. Most worrisome aspect is that youngsters in the age group of 13-15 are worst hit by Hookah addiction and everyday more than a thousand people are falling in death trap because of tobacco or similar addiction.

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An initiative has been taken now and I plan to continue it. I am thankful to hundreds of people who gathered on the occasion to support the action of seeking ban on these bars in national capital.  Many states including Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat and Maharashtra have already imposed ban on Hookah bars in their states.

I am also thankful to opinion leaders like General JJ Singh, former chief of Indian Army, Sh. Manoj Tiwari, MP and President BJP Delhi, S. KTS Tulsi, Advocate and MP, Sh. Parvesh Sahib Singh Verma, MP, Sh. Mahesh Giri MP, Sh. Vikramjit Singh Sahney Padma Shri and Ms. Anjana Om Kashyap national icon journalist who have come forward to support the campaign against Hookah bars in Delhi.

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On the occasion, Arjuna awardee and Common Wealth Silver medalist Mr. Mandeep Jhangra also announced to support the cause.

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