Unmatched Actions. Unforgettable Atal Ji.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji was not a politician… he was a leader, a true statesman, a man of masses, a man of words, a man with Sarv Dharm Sambhav approach and a man who built the platform for India to grow and progress.

How do you pay tribute to a man whose words and actions have always inspired you and will continue to do so in years to come!


Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji was not a politician… he was a leader, a true statesman, a man of masses, a man of words, a man with Sarv Dharm Sambhav approach and a man who built the platform for India to grow and progress. it was only after his prime ministerial term that India took the expressway to growth.


A sensitive person with a poetic heart; Atal Ji was a gem whose achievements cannot be summed up in few words. Yet, a humble attempt from me –

  1. Nuclear Power for India – Want to see how Vajpayee Ji empowered India with nuclear bomb? Watch Parmanu. It was under his term in 1998 that India conducted 5 nuclear tests in one week at Pokhran.


2. Victory in Kargil War – The way India defeated Pakistan in Kargil War and foiled Pakistan sponsored terrorists attempt to infiltrate reflected the vision and decisive leadership of Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji.

3. Social & Economic Reforms – Atal Ji was the first non-Congress PM to complete his full term. He was also the first PM to focus so strongly on social and economic reforms, rural development and bring forth a host of welfare and progressive measures. Schemes like Pradhanmantri Gramin Sadak Yojna were his gift to India.

4. Diplomatic Success – Atal Ji showed grace and immense pragmatism by starting Delhi Lahore Bus Yatra. He also ensured stronger trade and bilateral relations with the United States. In fact, Bill Clinton became the first American President to visit India after 1978 and this happened during Vajpayee Ji term in the year 2000.


5. First to speak in Hindi in the United Nations – As India’s Foreign Minister in the Janata Party govt, Atal Ji had given a rapturous speech at the UN General Assembly in Hindi in 1977. That was the first time anyone had given a speech in Hindi at the global forum.


People like Atal Bihari Vajpayee leave a rich legacy of their thoughts, words and actions. He was one of the biggest source of inspirations for me.

We are blessed to be born in his era when he set an example of how a true leader of masses should conduct himself.

My open letter to Gopal Singh Chawla

I warn Pakistani Sikh leader Gopal Singh Chawla to stop spreading lies and his hateful propaganda. In last few days, we have been noticing him acting on the directions of terrorist Hafeez Sayeed and spreading lies on banning  uttering of words ‘Raj Kareg Khalsa’ in India only to save face of Pakistan which stopped Indian Envoy from visiting Gurudwara Sri Panja Sahib in Rawalpindi.

I am ashamed to call you a Guru ka Sikh for you do nothing but spread hatred and violence. You clear agenda is to incite the citizens of India particularly the Sikhs and you are doing so to please Hafeez Sayeed, a most-wanted terrorist!

Had you followed the teachings of Guru Sahibs, you would have never sided with Pakistan government’s decision to stop Indian envoy to pay obeisance at Gurudwara Sri Panja Sahib and now all the false information being spread by youis just a cover up to hide that folly!

I take strong offence to your propaganda against Indian Supreme Court. “Raj Karega Khalsa” is not banned in India and would never be. India is a democratic secular country which has given utmost respect to Sikhs. I wish you had heard PM Narendra Modi Ji on June 24th, 2018 Mann Ki Baat edition where he talked about Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s teaching and exhorted people to join in 550th celebration of Parkash Utsav of Guru Sahib.

Your only motive behind this slanderous campaign, lies, baseless stories is to misguide the Sikh community so that Sikhs should wage a war against India and you may show this as an achievement to your ISIS bosses.

I challenge you to show me a court order copy which says that saying Raj Karega Khalsa is banned in India.

If you show such a copy – I would quit politics the very next day!

I reiterate that ‘Raj Karega Khalsa’ is very much part of Gurbani and daily Ardas done by the Sikhs and no court has ever banned and no one can ban such slogan which is inseparable part of Sikh way of life.


I request my Sikh brethren to ignore this crazy evil man Gopal Chawla who has now become the mouthpiece of Hafeez Saeed and their only agenda is to work for disintegration of  the country and harming the Sikh community maximum. Sikhs were always loyal to India, have already led from the front against the adversaries of the country and will continue to serve the nation… Mr Gopal Chawla, you may note this in your diary!