Should a habitual liar continue to be CM?

Kejriwal is the only political leader of the country who resorts to spreading all sort of lies not only about his opponents  but also promises moon to the people during the election time and forgets each and everything once election is over.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal  has created a record of sort after he admitted that he lied to the people of Punjab on the eve of Punjab assembly polls. He has become the only sitting Chief Minister of any state of the country to admit about his lies in an affidavit before the court!

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In fact, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is on an apology spree. He has apologized to Union Minister Sh. Nitin Gadkari Ji and to Kapil Sibal as well for using derogatory language. All these apologies hint at one thing – Kejriwal has lied for political gains; he lied to his workers and he lied to the common man.


His admission has already reaffirmed his modus operandi which he used to lure the innocent people of Delhi for usurping power in the National Capital. A CM who keeps apologizing and biting dust for his foul words… has lost all moral rights to be hold a position of respect. Sadly, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has not just lost the respect but also trust for his words. How will anyone ever trust his promises or claims he makes against other people?

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I demand his resignation for accepting on oath in the court that he had lied to the people prior to the Punjab Assembly polls and tendering apology to the Shiromani Akali Dal leader Mr.Bikram Singh Majithia. He should also apologize to the people of Delhi for telling lies on the eve of  Delhi assembly polls and  for his efforts to mislead the people of the national capital.

Kejriwal is the only political leader of the country who resorts to spreading all sort of lies not only about his opponents  but also promises moon to the people during the election time and forgets each and everything once election is over. He hadclaimed before the Delhi assembly polls that he has full evidence on the alleged corruption of the Shiela Dikshit, about the scams of the power companies in Delhi and about the tanker scam of the Delhi Jal Board and had promised strong action based on his so called ‘evidence’.  No action was taken once he got power in the National Capital. In fact, no action has been taken against any political leader against whom he had leveled allegations. Delhi Jal Board is extending the contracts to same contractors for supplying water and even not taking the transparent route of tendering.

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Same is the case with power companies whom now Mr. Kejirwal is paying Rs. 2000 crore per annum. I am launching a full fledged campaign against Mr. Keriwal for accepting his lies on oath and will use hoarding, media and all sorts of communication tools to tell the people that Mr. Kejriwal is the only Chief Minister of the independent India which has on oath accepted that he is a liar and apologized for his lies he made on the eve of Punjab Assembly polls.

Is Kejriwal unaware about the truth of Tipu Sultan?

Why has Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal chosen to put portrait of Tipu Sultan (The controversial figure- The Tyrant of Mysore) among 70 Indian heroes as freedom fighter at the Portrait Gallery in Delhi Assembly? Is he unaware of the black deeds of Tipu Sultan or does he wish to gain something like please a particular community by doing so?


Let me tell you how history describes Tipu Sultan as – A tyrannical king who was neither patriot nor secular. During his rule, he persecuted minorities (especially Hindu & Christians) particularly in Coorg, Calicut, Cochin, Malabar, Bednur and Mangalore.

Isn’t Kejriwal aware that Tipu Sultan himself had written to Burduz Zamaun Khan on 19 January 1790, “Don’t you know I have achieved a great victory recently in Malabar and over four lakh Hindus were converted to Islam“? Is Kejriwal so ignorant that he forgot history narration how during the siege of Mangalore, Tipu’s soldiers daily exposed the heads of many innocent Brahmins within sight from the fort for the Zamorin and his Hindu followers to see.


Let me also tell Kejriwal that famous Hindu Temples -Thalipparampu and Thrichambaram of Chirackal Taluqa, Ponmeri Temple of Badakara, and Thiruvangatu of Tellicherry were smashed by Tipu Sultan. Tipu Sultan declared his kingdom as Islamic State and implemented Sharia rule & calendar.

In Malabar, the main targets of Tipu Sultan’s atrocities were Hindus and Hindu temples. According to Lewis B. Boury, the atrocities committed by Tipu Sultan in Malabar were far more barbarous than those committed by the notorious Mahmud of Ghazni, Alauddin Khalji, and Nadir Shah. In fact, Tipu Sultan has been called “Aurangzeb of the South” but cunning politicians like Arvind Kejriwal continue painting him as a hero, patriot, and freedom fighter. All for a few votes, Kejriwal Ji?

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He changed the names of historical cities & villages and gave them Islamic colours like Mangalore or Mangalapuri was changed to Jalalabad, Mysore to Nazarabad, Bepur to Sultanpatanam, Cannanore to Kusanabad, Gooty to Faiz-Hissar, Dharwar to Quarshed-Sawad, Dindigul to Khaliqabad, Ratnagiri to Mustafabad, Kozhikode to Islamabad, and Dindigul to Khaliqabad.

Putting his portrait as a freedom fighter in Delhi Vidhan Sabha gallery has badly hurt the sentiments of Indians. Kejriwal Ji, it is time to rectify history and pay tribute to real heroes like Baba Baghel Singh, Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia and Sardar Jassa Singh Ramgarhia, Prithviraj Chauhan, Porus who fought against foreign invaders- Muhammad Gauri, Mughals, Nadir Shah, Ahmed Shah Abdali etc. Name of Bhai Randhir Singh should also be included as he was one of the leading freedom fighters against British.

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Ban on Hookah Bars in Delhi – AAP wakes up from slumber; only to take credit!

People can clearly see that AAP leadership has encouraged Hookah bars in Delhi with their silence in last two and a half years.

Yesterday, a tweet by Health Minister of Delhi govt. Satyendra Jain caught my attention. Sharing it here –

12 I want to bring it to people’s notice that this tweet comes on October 31st while Health Ministry Government of India had already issues an order banning Hookah smoking on May 23, 2016.

After that order, I met LG Delhi to get this order of the GOI implemented in Delhi and on his orders, department of State Tobacco Control issued an order on July 21, 2017 banning Hookah bars in Delhi. Along with this new order issued at instance of LG, we  handed over copies of this order to the SHOs of Delhi to get this order implemented and get Hookah Bars closed in the National Capital.

For last 4 months, I have approached NGT to get Hookah bars closed in Delhi and pursued case there. I called ‘Attention Motion’ on this issue three times in Delhi Vidhan Sabha but Speaker denied permission on the issue.
But thanks to the support of dignitaries including Union Health Minister Mr. Harshvardhan, Mr. KTS Tulsi, General JJ Singh, Mr. Manjit Singh GK President DSGMC, Mr. Manoj Tiwari, Parvesh Sahib Singh Verma, Mr. Vijayendra Gupta and general public, the Hookah Bars in Delhi are banned totally.

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But now… the AAP government has woken up from deep slumber only to claim that it has banned Hookah Bars. I ask Health Minister Mr. Satyendra Jain on which order he had issued and when to ban these Hookah Bars ?

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BJP MP Mr. Parvesh Sahib Singh Verma addressed a Press conference to clarify that AAP government Delhi has played no role in ban imposed on Hookah Bars in Delhi

People can clearly see that AAP leadership has encouraged Hookah bars in Delhi with their silence in last two and a half years. It is high time Mr Arvind Kejriwal stop wasting time and resources in dramebaazi… they have a full list of promises remaining unfulfilled. Public would never forgive their carelessness!


Ban on Hookah Bars in Delhi – People are the real winners!

Finally I did what I promised – my efforts to close hookah bars in national capital have borne fruit and Delhi State Tobacco Control (DSTBC) has ordered closure of all Hookah bars in Delhi.

Finally I did what I promised – my efforts to close hookah bars in national capital have borne fruit and Delhi State Tobacco Control (DSTBC), following the notification from the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare dated 23 May, 2017 which completely prohibits use of hookah even in smoking zones, has ordered closure of all Hookah bars in Delhi.
Delhi State Tabacco Control vide F.No. 7(6)/STCC/DHS/14-15/6796 dated 21.07.2017 has completely prohibited the use of Hookah in Delhi. Consequently, there will be no hookah bars in Delhi.
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In last four months, we have been trying to spread awareness about Hookah smoking which causes potential health effects on hookah smokers particularly among the young boys and girls. The fact that hookah contains harmful chemicals including carbon monoxide, metals and cancer causing chemicals, tar etc. makes it lethal for the younger lot. Public too showed their disapproval for such Hookah Bars in Delhi. Especially the parents of youngsters came out in large number to support my cause because they were getting worried seeing the drug-inclination of their young ones graduating from Hookah to smoking and then to drugs!
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I took up this matter with Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan, Hon’ble LG Delhi and even submitted evidence to National Green Tribunal to get these Hookah bars closed with a single aim of saving the youth of the Delhi. I submitted strong credible evidence to National Green Tribunal (NGT) Chairman on disastrous effect of hookah smoking on environment.
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I am thankful to all the people of Delhi particularly those who not only directly supported the cause but also became part of the campaign from time to time. The latest order of the DSTBC has made it clear that there will be no Hookah Bar allowed to operate in Delhi. As per another order of the Health Ministry, no Hookah material can be served even in the service cabins established for smoking.
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I am now warning the Hookah Bar owners that if they don’t obey orders on closure of these bars, then we will be forced to physically shut down these bars in order to save the youth of the Delhi. Nothing matters more to me than the future of our youth and I will do all that I can to save the youth of Delhi from Hookah menace.
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I thank Dr Harsh Vardhan, Hon’ble LG Delhi Anil Baijal Ji, Maheish Girri Ji, KTS Tulji Ji and other dignitaries who understood the gravity of the problem and extended their support to ban Hookah bars in National Capital.

Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Setu – The signage now shows the great warrior’s name

The very idea behind naming roads and monuments after great personalities is to keep reminding the younger lot about our glorious heroes of the past

Today, we did something that delighted our hearts – we ensured putting signage boards in the Delhi flyover at Barapulla which Delhi Chief Minister and AAP Convener Mr. Arvind Kejriwal had promised to rename after the legend national hero Baba Banda Singh Bahadur.

The important thing to note is –

  • CM Kejriwal made the announcement of changing the name of Barapulla flyover to Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Setu before Punjab elections.


  • A full page AD was given announcing the name change; it has been more than a year but the changed signage was never put despite my repeated reminders and letters.


  • CM Kejriwal is an habitual offender and a liar who always forgets his promises once the elections season is over.

Many people including Arvind Kejriwal fans asked me that since the name exists in Google Map, what is the need of a Signage or a road side board?

Let me answer – The reason we name roads and monuments after great personalities is to keep reminding the younger lot about our glorious heroes of the past. I am very sure whenever a family crosses Kautilya Road or Baba Kharak Singh Marg or Tilak Marg, children sitting with you will ask who was Kautilya or Baba Kharak Singh and so on. And that’s how conversation about our rich past starts.

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The same has been the motive in my mind when we ensured putting up the signage highlighting Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Setu. I want more and more people to read about Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, the great warrior who defeated Mughals and ensured justice for the masses.

Mr.Kejriwal, by ignoring to change the signage has tried to belittle the great national hero about whom Pm Sh. Narinder Modi Ji himself had said that nation owes it survival to Baba Banda Singh Bahadur ji and he bows his head before this great personality.

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Keeping the sentiments of the people in mind, we have today put up signage of renaming this bridge Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Setu and hence after today it will be known by this name.

I would like to say that making an announcement is one thing; following it up with action at ground level is another! Until Mr Kejriwal walks the talk, he would be called a manipulator and a fraud… by every Delhite, sooner or later!

Sabse Bada ‘Promise-breaker’ kaun?

Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi!
The list of promises broken by AAP President is far bigger than anyone else’ list!

Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi!


It is difficult to begin the list; should we talk about the promise made by CM Kejriwal before Delhi elections when he shouted on the top of his voice promising people 15 lakh CCTV Cameras in Delhi and 8 lakh government jobs to youth?  The promise of Free WiFi in Delhi or last mile connectivity, or ensuring women’s safety on buses by deploying marshals or opening of new schools and colleges… name any promise and it appears unfulfilled.


What disgusts me the most is Mr Kejriwal’s repeated and rhetoric statements on clean and transparent governance! Look at the profile of tainted minister Satyender Jain in his cabinet. Mr Jain has been handling important portfolios like Health, Industries, Home, Public Work Department, Power, Urban Development and Transport etc. as a minister. And all these departments are messed up badly for which the price is being paid by Delhi people.


Not only this, Mr Jain has been linked in Hawala scams for which Karawal MLA Kapil Mishra has even handed over the ‘evidence’ against Satyendra Jain to the Anti-Corruption Branch. But Mr Kejriwal hasn’t questioned or doubted Mr Jain even once! Simply because, Kejriwal’s co-brother Surendra Bansal has also been one of the beneficiaries in one of the PWD scams done by Satyendra Jain.


Kejriwal has fared badly in providing civic amenities to people. He promised to regularise the unauthorised colonies in Delhi in a year and hand the ownership rights over to the occupants. But, nothing has happened. People are not even getting basic civic amenities. Even today, many people have complained to Aaj Tak team that they are getting dirty water supply in their home. Thousands of households everyday complain of water shortage.

Arvind Kejriwal broke the promise of regularizing guest teachers. Rather made the issue a political one blaming the center. The truth is the Bill to regularize Guest teachers in Delhi does not talk of financial accountability of Delhi government. So how did AAP govt plan to regularize guest teachers without assuming financial responsibility? Another lip-service by Kejriwal, nothing else.


And the worst part – Instead of working for public education or health, Kejriwal government gave 399 licences for liquor vendors in 371 working days. There is a tremendous growth in the number of Hookah Bars in Delhi ever since Kejriwal came to power. Was this one of his promises?

So now every time Kejriwal says, ‘I will make Delhi London’… I wish to tell him that please make it the Delhi we all deserve. We don’t want it to be like London!


And somebody needs to tell him – Promise breakers get the worst punishment from the people.